CCP changes Cuttack City congress committee after Moquim votes for Draupadi Murmu


Bhubaneswar, Aug 13: Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) Chairman Sarat Patnaik on Friday appointed PCC Deputy Chairman Suresh Kumar Mohapatra as Acting Chairman of Cuttack City Congress Committee.

Mohapatra replaced Giribala Behera, who is believed to be a close associate of Cuttack-Barabati MP Mohammed Moquim.

Mohapatra, who served as chairman of the Cuttack City congressional committee from 2000 to 2011, returned to the position after more than 10 years. Moquim replaced him in 2011.

Behera alleged that the party was led by dalals. I was fired undemocratically.

Similarly, the CCP dissolved the women’s, youth and other leading committees under the Cuttack City congressional committee.

Political observers in the state claim that the CCP took the decision to sideline MP Cuttack-Barabati Moquim for voting Draupadi Murmu in the recently concluded presidential election, going against the decision of the left.

Recently, Ashok Samal, a senior Congress official, Nikunja Pasayat and Biswajit Das had left the party, considered good friends of Moquim.

Commenting on the replacement, Moquim said it is the CCP’s right to reconstitute the committees. So I’m not the relevant person to comment on it.

CPC Chairman Sarat Patnaik said the leadership change in the Cuttack City congressional committee had nothing to do with clipping anyone’s wings. This was done to strengthen the party organization. There was also a reorganization of units in Puri and Jharsuguda, he said.

“I have a good personal relationship with Moquim. I discussed everything with him because Congress is a disciplined party,” the new CCP leader said.

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