Boston’s Ukranian Congressional American Committee Responds to Russian Invasion


Boston’s Ukrainian community is speaking out after Russia invaded their country on Thursday.

“By his actions of recognizing nations that do not exist and now carrying out an invasion of Ukraine under false pretenses, Putin has crossed the line and committed international crimes,” said branch president Vsevolod Petriv. from Boston of the Ukrainian United States Congressional Committee. “He must be tried for these crimes in The Hague.”

Early Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on television that he planned to carry out a “special military operation” in Ukraine. Shortly after, Ukrainians across the country heard explosions, including in Kyiv, the capital; Kharkiv, the second largest city; and in the Donetsk region, a territory in eastern Ukraine claimed by Russian-backed separatists since 2014, The New York Times reported.

Petriv noted that Putin gave the order to invade Ukraine while an emergency UN security meeting was in session, which he said “shows complete disregard for the organization and for diplomacy,” he said, adding that he “continuously fuels a conflict between democracy and autocracy that he hopes to win.

Petriv referred to Putin’s threats to the United States and other allies as “‘consequences they’ve never seen'”, which he described as “making fun” of those countries. “Given its recent short-range nuclear missile tests, this threat may well be a threat to use nuclear weapons,” he said.

He called the invasion “at a minimum” a power grab to rule Lugansk and Donetsk provinces and further destabilize the country.

He predicted, however, that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would be able to hold off the Russian invasion. “No Ukrainian soldier will voluntarily lay down their arms and surrender to the Russians,” he said.

“We call on all nations of goodwill to help Ukraine in this fight for freedom, for democracy and for the dignity of the human spirit,” Petriv said.

Several Ukrainian organizations, including Ukrainian Boston and the Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England, plan to hold a rally outside the State House to stop the war and fight misinformation.

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