Blax Friday: A Look at the Directory of Local Black-Owned Businesses

In the summer of 2020, Blax Friday was created on the premise of highlighting black-owned businesses in Tucson. The original business plan was to introduce a new black-owned business every Friday, but that quickly turned into something much bigger. In the first month, the platform broke out and grew from weekly updates to full partnerships in the Tucson area. Today, nearly a year later, the Blax Friday team continues to work to uplift the black community in Arizona and educate the Tucson community as a whole.

With their frequent use instagram and website, Blax Friday is an outlet for creativity and spotlights black-owned restaurants, salons, boutiques and other local businesses. Through partnerships with well-known spots such as Hotel Congress and Hub Ice Cream, Blax Friday is making its voice and vision heard.

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Khailill Knight has been a member of the Blax Friday team since the start and he spoke about the impact of the business.


“In Arizona, it’s been a successful endeavor showing black people working together, even though we’re less than 10% of the total population,” Knight said.

When talking about what he thinks the University of Arizona student body can gain from Blax Friday, Knight talked about how the community can come together with them.

“I would like to speak specifically to African and black students and tell them to take care of each other. We should all work collectively to improve our material conditions and our quality of life, especially given the circumstances of the world when it comes to us,” Knight said.

Like Knight, Pinnacle Marketing Consulting has worked with Blax Friday from the start to amplify their voice. The local marketing group works as a digital strategist for Blax Friday and plays a major role in the development of their website.

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Aquil Joel Hameed is Marketing Director of Pinnacle Marketing Consulting, and his work with Blax Friday is extensive. Hameed explained what he thinks is unique about Blax Friday.

It was envisioned and built by a team of black entrepreneurs who are passionate about amplifying other black businesses,” Hameed said.

Hameed explained the role he thought the UA community could play in supporting black-owned businesses like those included in the Blax Friday directory.

“Tucson and Arizona as a whole have many black-owned businesses to choose from in a variety of industries. If you understand black history in this country and why it’s important to support an initiative like this, you can shop via and support a business,” Hameed said.

Blax Friday’s use of social media has been instrumental in educating the community and promoting black-owned businesses. Terrell Henry is the social media and graphic design manager. Henry runs Blax Friday Instagram and designs graphics on all of their social media.

When asked what he thinks the University of Arizona student body could do to get involved in business and local black businesses, Henry mentioned simply checking their social media feeds.

“I would say just check our website and Instagram page for upcoming projects and updates. We are in the process of developing an app, so right now our website and Instagram are our two main hubs. On these we have every Black-owned business we know of as well as resources and news articles,” Henry said.

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Henry also touched on what he thinks is the most valuable aspect of Blax Friday for black UA students.

“We are an initiative and platform dedicated to building and empowering Black individuals and businesses at the grassroots level. We want to make it accessible to everyone at all times. said Henry.

Whether you’re a college student looking for black businesses near campus or want to be more in tune with Blax Friday, you can head to their website and instagram to get more information on everything they offer.

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