BJP-RSS has deep ties to PFI: Congress

The Bihar Congress on Saturday suspected “deep ties” between the BJP-RSS and the extremist Islamist organization PFI, whose network was recently dismantled in the state capital.

BPCC spokesperson Asit Nath Tiwari claimed that the suspicions were heightened by “the manner in which the BJP fired on Patna SSP Manavjjit Singh Dhillon, after destroying the PFI module here”.

Dhillon is attacked for quoting, at a press conference, statements made by arrested PFI members that they provided physical training in camps as the RSS did in its “shakhas” (outposts).

“The BJP flinched when demands were made for an investigation into the killing of security personnel during the Pulwama terror attack,” Tiwari said.

He said the party shared power in Bihar and that its MPs and MPs’ belligerence towards Dhillon could have a “negative impact” on the investigation into the PFI’s “Patna module”.

”The BJP needs to explain why it gets angry every time someone tries to get to the bottom of a terrorist network. It seems that the BJP-RSS has deep ties with the PFI and other terrorist organizations. They’re trying to cover it up with community rhetoric,” the congressional spokesperson said.

“They also need to explain whether the similarities in their training method and that of PFI were coincidence (‘sanyog’) or experience (‘prayog’),” Tiwari said, taking inspiration from a popular phrase from the prime minister. Narendra Modi while criticizing the protests. against the Citizenship Act (CAA).

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