BJP ‘desperately attacking’ judiciary, says Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi

Accusing the ruling BJP of “desperately attacking” the judiciary, senior congressman Abhishek Manu Singhvi said on Wednesday his party was writing to India’s chief justice, demanding that a special committee look into the attacks “orchestrated”.

Calling it a “troubling issue”, the AICC national spokesperson said there had been “a deliberate, orchestrated and coordinated attack on the judiciary, when the narrative does not sit well with the ruling party”.

”Attacks on judges are not just random and piecemeal incidents; rather, the attacks are clearly organized, standardized and institutionalized. It is followed by a consistent and continuous trolling process, the intent of which is extended, encouraged and endorsed by the BJP ‘netas’ and their supporters,’ Singhvi alleged.

Speaking to reporters here, he said the main objective behind such campaigns is to “demoralize, pressure and terrorize the justice system”.

“We won’t leave this matter unresolved. We will follow this and expose the BJP for its utter hypocrisy, for subverting the institutions of constitutional governance, for subverting the pillars of our democracy. We are in the process of writing to the Chief Justice of India, requesting a special committee to look into these orchestrated attacks on the judiciary and the Supreme Court of India,’ he added.

The Rajya Sabha member has repeatedly targeted the ruling BJP, accusing it of attacking the judiciary and the Supreme Court over his remarks against the ‘role’ of the party’s former national spokesperson, Nupur Sharma, in the violence in Udaipur.

He said an organized army of trolls had been deployed to fabricate and spread fake news about the judges, with fake and distorted photographs being shared to demonstrate false closeness to congressional leaders.

Further highlighting the intellectuals’ letter to the judiciary asking them to retract their remarks, he said: “The statement was clearly written with the blessing of the Prime Minister’s office. Attacking the BJP, Singhvi asked, “In a country of a billion votes, how many will the BJP try to silence? In a country built on the Constitution, how many institutions will the BJP subvert just to stay in power? In a country facing the consequences of the BJP’s complete administrative incompetence and failure, how long will the BJP hide behind divisive propaganda? Karnataka Judge HP Sandesh ”exposing” the pressure and transfer threats he was facing simply because ”he had shown truth to power”.

‘…if this can happen to sitting judges, you can imagine what can happen to political opponents, social activists and ordinary people,’ he added.

On Trinamool Congressman Mahua Moitra’s statement in support of the documentary ”Kaali” showing the goddess smoking and holding an LGBTQ flag, Singhvi said, ”People have to be very careful before playing with emotions. people who are reflected in symbols, faith and culture, and those who organize such visuals should have thought about it many times.” ”I believe that balance must be maintained in symbols and essence of our faith, and the heart and spirit of our culture cannot be trivialized by anyone. anywhere,” he added.

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