Annamalai slams Alagiri, says ‘TN Congress in Critical Care’

Tamil Nadu BJP Chairman K Annamalai told the TN Congress Committee on Thursday that he was in the state intensive care unit and his oxygen was his Dravidian partner DMK, without whom he could not to survive.

The BJP, on the other hand, is growing every day and despite its alliance with the AIADMK, its party fought on its own against local body polls and won impressively, Annamalai told reporters here. Asked about TNCC leader KS Alagiri’s statement that the BJP could never grow in the state, he said Alagiri had taken the Tamil Nadu Congress party to the intensive care unit. The ‘oxygen’ supporting the national party in the state is the DMK, he said. Once that oxygen supply is severed, the Congress party won’t be able to recoup its deposit in the polls in even a single constituency, he said. Slotting the name of the Congress party on the ballot would be a “waste” in such a scenario when the national party goes it alone without DMK support, he said. Mocking Alagiri, Annamalai said the head of the Tamil Nadu Congress committee should stop talking about politics. Instead, Alagiri should make efforts to unite his fragmented party and the BJP is ready to provide “fevikwick (glue)” and let him use it to bring order to the Congress. Annamalai has ridiculed his party’s national rival saying that dhoties are offered for sale outside the Congress party office here as several officials dhoties are “torn” often due to bickering.

In Lok Sabha polls in 2024, BJP would win 25 parliamentary constituencies in Tamil Nadu and ”Alagiri Annan (older brother) will see it and at that time, BJP would have written the ‘conclusion’ for Congress in the ‘State.

When asked if the same logic does not apply to the BJP as it is in alliance with the AIADMK, Annamalai retorted by saying that his party had fought on its own against recent polls among local authorities.

The BJP won impressively in local polls, he said and the party has, “identified itself as the third largest party, we are growing every day and getting people’s support and we are happy. ” ”When you go to a gym, you can’t lift 120 kg straight away, you have to do it gradually. I’m not saying that the BJP is the number 1 party in Tamil Nadu today,’ he said, adding that the party and the cadres are working hard to achieve this goal. Annamalai cited the one-day hunger strike waged across the state on July 5 against the DMK government among the many programs his party is pursuing.

Although there are alliances between political parties across the country, Annamalai, without mentioning the name of the Congress or its main partner DMK, said that it was only in Tamil Nadu that the party joined the partnership despite insults. The Tamil Nadu BJP chairman was apparently targeting the TN congress committee. Despite the brainstorming at his conclave in Jaipur when the Congress appointed P Chidambaram to the Rajya Sabha when his son Karthi Chidambaram was already an MP for Lok Sabha, Alagiri had justified it by saying that the two belonged to two separate families because the father and son duo was separated. ration cards. This view of Alagiri has become the object of ridicule in Tamil Nadu, Annamalai said. In the 2019 polls, people were sidetracked and ‘bad’ criticisms were leveled at the BJP. The Congress party could get seats in the polls because it was in alliance with the DMK, he said. BJP has always challenged Congress in the state and Alagiri’s desire is to field Rahul Gandhi in Kanyakumari (parliamentary constituency). “Let them bring anyone. ”PTI VGN ROH ROH

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